Mystical Teachings

Let the Games Begin

We will commandeer!

Hello random online visitor! Welcome to our site dealing with Elder Dragon Highlander/Commander. I am Paul of Clan Nel Toth, I am mostly a commander player so that will be topic upon which I will posting most of my content.  The role that we hope to serve is to provide a platform for players to advance their game. This does not mean we are all competitive EDH at the same time we generally like our decks to be tuned so we can have an engaging experience playing this great game. We wish to give some veteran players some new ideas as well as assist newer players that wish to advance their game! We hope you find the ideas posted to be stimulating. Hail Lord Bolas and enjoy!

UPDATE January 1, 2019: Our posts will now be uploaded on Sunday not Friday, since it seemed to work well last week and it is easier for most of our writers due to factors in our everyday lives. The rest of the writers can post whenever they are able I(Paul of Clan Nel Toth) will upload between 2-3pm EST. Thanks for reading!

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