I know I’m a tad late since War of the Spark has been out for a decent bit, I felt like this section of articles needed to happen regardless. Since I am still on college time I will consider myself fashionably late with this review of this large batch of legends we were received from War of Spark. Due to the bevy of cards I have on my plate, I will be dividing them up into sections following WUBRG order rather than combining them into a 5,000-word monstrosity. As the title indicates, this week’s section will be discussing the white and blue legends followed by black, red, and green legends next week. As per usual I will be considering how we can build these legends as commanders and which fit well as part of the 99. There are some awesome cards to consider so let’s get to it!


Tomik, Distinguished Advokist:

Tomik, Distinguished Advokist

As a commander: Tomik doesn’t strike as a commander rather, he is a hatebear so he could lead a stax deck that wants easy access to his effect. However, there are less specific options for the leader of such a deck. He could see play in the command zone as a meta call against lands based decks namely the new kid on the block, Lord Windgrace.

In the 99: This is where Tomik shines, he is a solid hate piece for any deck looking to limit its opponents’ options and has the capability to completely shut down entire decks like the aforementioned Lord Windgrace and Titania. Tomik will also give my Gitrog some headaches but will not stop the deck dead in its tracks since the main combo side steps his effect. In any case, most stax decks would be thrilled to have Tomik as an additional option to hate on the lands decks currently running rampant in this format.


God- Eternal Oketra

God-Eternal Oketra

As a commander: How Oketra should be built is relatively open to interpretation. My first thought was that she’s another solid leader for either hatebears strategy or a “white weenie” aggro deck. She rewards us for casting a ton of small creatures if those creatures also stop our opponents in their tracks that can be parlayed into a serious advantage. I’m talking about creatures like Thalia Guardian of Thraben and Containment Preist.

Thalia, Guardian of ThrabenContainment Priest

I have also seen some interesting builds revolving around creatures that bounce themselves in order to double-dip on Oketra’s cast trigger. I feel as though there are enough slots for us to do a combination of both of these approaches. We use creatures like Stonecloacker, and Ancestral Statue coupled with enablers like Cloudstone Curio to give us an army while our hatebears hold back our opponents from messing with our plans.

StonecloakerAncestral StatueCloudstone Curio

The finisher, in this case, would be cards that give us serious payoff for having tons of creatures such as Cathar’s Crusade or simply slamming an Avacyn into play.

Cathars' CrusadeAvacyn, Angel of Hope

If either of those fails we can win by sheer numbers. Either way, she seems solid when built right however, care must be taken to cover for mono-white’s inability to generate card advantage that is not virtual.

In the 99: Oketra seems like she would snowball in any token beat down strategy as long as the deck casts enough creatures to truly benefit from her trigger. In addition, the god clause becomes quite relevent since she is a token producer that will keep coming back.

God- Eternal Kefnet

God-Eternal Kefnet

As a commander: Kicking off the blue legends is the new blue god! God- Eternal Kefnet screams control and I don’t think he needs much more building around than that. He seems like he’ll be good as the leader of a control deck that utilizes Kefnet’s ability to copy extra turn spells and once we are chaining together time magic we can use a combo finish or maybe Kefnet beats is enough to get us there on its own. When writing this section I tried to come up with something unique to say about Kefnet but I came up empty he simply screams control but with a focus on big nasty blue spells many of which take more turns; let me know if I missed anything in the comments!

In the 99:Kefnet will slot into the 99 of any spellslinger deck with blue which is the majority of them. The two most recent Izzet colored Niv Mizzets would love to have him(Parun and Firemind), as would Jeleva, Mizzix, The Locust God, Arjun, etc. Any deck with blue that is looking to sling spells en masse would welcome Keftnet into the fold.

Fblthp, the Lost

Fblthp, the Lost

Hey, we found him!

A quick aside before I get into the card itself, this is a character that was meme’d so hard he got an actual card. This is the power of the internet at work and the result is fantastic. Ok, now that I got that nonsense off my chest let’s start talking about our friend who we believed to be Totally Lost.

As a commander: At first glance, it would seem our long lost friend doesn’t do much in the command zone by himself, he is merely a two mana cantrip. That initial assumption would be correct without considering Proteus Staff. If we have no creatures in our deck if we activate the staff on Fblthp we essentially get to reorder our entire deck and then draw two cards since he will reenter from our library.

Proteus Staff

The top two cards can be a ton of different pairs. Personally, I have been putting Gush and Stroke of Genius initially, Gush then draws us Dramatic Reversal and Isochron Scepter. Once we have our combo pieces in hand we are then able to gain infinite mana. Once we have all the mana in the world we can then cast Stroke of Genius to draw the entire deck. Once our deck is in our hand we play Jace, Wielder of Mysteries and plus him for the win.

Stroke of GeniusJace, Wielder of MysteriesGush

That is one way to build our lost boy, I have seen others using Fblthp as a polymorph deck which is meant to shuffle Fblthp into the deck and then Polymorph into him to draw cards. Personally, I felt as though that was too many steps so I built around Fblthp’s interaction with Proteus Staff.  As I’ve said in previous pieces I’m a sucker for flavorful cards and the fact that there exists a broken interaction to exploit is all the encouragement I need.

In the 99: If you insist on not running Fblthp as the commander(can’t imagine why) then I can think of a few places he would be decent. I can see him being tutored into play off of Chord of Calling-esque effects as a value piece, or perhaps being in a deck that likes to bounce the entire board so putting Fblthp back into the hand is not a bad rate.


The card images were obtained from https://gatherer.wizards.com/Pages/Default.aspx

Thanks for reading!

-Paul of Clan Nel Toth