Padeem, Consul of Innovation

Padeem, Consul of Innovation is a fun, straightforward mono-blue artifact commander. Her first ability protects your machining machinations, and her second ability ensures that you will slowly grind out your opponents with card advantage. She is also in the single best color for a mono-colored control deck, having access to counterspells, mass bounce, card draw, and spell interaction. In no time at all, you should have total control of the battlefield with Padeem.

But that’s not this deck.

“Impress me.”

Padeem (also known as Granny War Pants) is – in my estimation – the best option for a mono-blue Voltron commander. Her innate card advantage more than makes up for blue’s lack of inherent equipment synergies, while the aforementioned stack interaction makes this deck more resilient than other Voltron strategies. In Voltron decks, if your commander is removed, your deck isn’t doing anything. Padeem can give herself hexproof (with a little bit of help), and you also have counterspells!

Without further ado, individual card choices:

Everything is chrome in the future!

Silverskin ArmorMycosynth LatticeLiquimetal CoatingMemnarch

Granny War Pants gives all artifacts you control hexproof. That includes herself, if she becomes an artifact.

Silverskin Armor is great, because you equip it once and you’re good to go. No need to remember any triggers, no need to keep track. Padeem will just have hexproof.

Liquimetal Coating is an instant-speed response to any single-target removal. It protects Padeem, and it also protects anything else you need to protect. If you’ve assembled Tron and your opponent has a Strip Mine up, boom. You get to keep your land, and your opponent lost theirs for no good reason. It’s a small effect, but it’s extremely versatile.

Mycosynth Lattice is expensive, but also reads: “Everything you control has hexproof.” Everything. That’s an absurdly powerful line of text. Mycosynth Lattice also lets you run more than the usual amount of utility lands, more so even than the normal mono-colored deck. Finally, it also works well with Memnarch, your main backup win condition in this deck.

Speaking of Memnarch, Memnarch! This wizard gives you options to turn Padeem, as well as any other creatures, enchantments, lands, or planeswalkers you control into artifacts, making single-target removal functionally useless against your board. His second ability is really just gravy in the late game. If you flood out, just take your opponents cards. If your opponent is struggling on colors, take a land or two and make it that much worse. With Memnarch and Padeem, the world is yours.

We protecc so she can attacc

Darksteel ForgeWhispersilk CloakDarksteel PlateChampion's HelmSwiftfoot BootsLightning GreavesNeurok Stealthsuit

We run a LOT of ways to provide protection for Padeem. When your entire gameplan revolves around your Commander, people are going to try and remove her whenever she hits the field. We want to prevent that by any means necessary, and hexproof, shroud, and indestructible are some of the best ways to do so.

Darksteel Forge will only protect Granny War Pants when she is an artifact, but it will protect all of your other pieces as well.

Neurok Stealthsuit stands out as the only instant-speed option out of all of these cards. While giving Padeem stealth is less than ideal (you will no longer be able to attach equipments to her), the capacity to do so at instant speed lets you blank most single-target removal coming your way.

Whispersilk Cloak is an excellent artifact to equip to Padeem last. Once she’s loaded up with weapons, make her unblockable and in effect giving you a pretty fast clock.

Equipment? Sort of, I guess!

Dowsing DaggerLost Vale

Dowsing Dagger gives a pretty decent buff early on, and later transforms into a big mana generator. This’ll let you get in for some early damage, and later on let you hold up a ton of mana for counterspells, removal, Memnarch-ing, or anything else you may need.

Sword of the AnimistStrata Scythe

Are you playing a green deck? No? Well, now you are! Sword of the Animist can often get you upwards of three or four lands from your deck, letting you ramp, and at a certain threshold, making your draws better by thinning your deck*. Strata Scythe is an amazing equipment for mono-colored decks, as it’ll often give +5/+5, +6/+6, or even more as the game goes on.

Armory AutomatonBrass Squire

Armory Automaton is a lategame monster, should Padeem not live up to the challenge. If you have a ton of equipment just laying about, and you haven’t been able to prevent Padeem from getting killed before you can equip her, Armory Automaton is a 3-mana 16/16 with haste, stealth, unblockable, shroud, protection from blue, green, red, and black, vigilance, trample, first strike, double strike, infect, lifelink, and deathtouch.

That kills people good. And for the low, low price of 3 mana.

Brass Squire allows you to cheat on the mana cost for equipping, and also lets you protect your creatures at instant speed (given the right equipment, of course).

Blue Voltron?

Blue doesn’t have the innate benefits for running artifacts that White, Red, or Boros gets. You don’t get equipment synergies, you don’t get well-statted attackers, you don’t get combat step manipulation .

You know what you do get, though? Access to blue. Card draw, tutoring, and artifact synergies are abundant in blue, and they more than make up for the lack of equipment-specific synergies.

Trinket MageTrophy MageWhir of InventionFabricateTezzeret the Seeker

Tutors are good, tutors are great, tutors sometimes end the game. Not these ones! They will, however, let you locate whichever equipment you need at a given point in time, which is amazing for a deck with a plan as reliant on specific abilities as this one.

Thada Adel, Acquisitor

Thada Adel lets you take other peoples’ artifacts! She’s like a miniature Memnarch all on her own. At the very minimum, nearly everyone is running Sol Ring in all of their decks. A couple of extra Sol Rings are always nice, just make sure you give them back after the game! She’s a great value engine, and an excellent creature to equip up.

As usual, here’s the decklist:

Critiques and comments on the decklist, card options, and writing are always enjoyed! Thanks for reading!