Hi, I’m halfcyborg, and I’ll usually be doing cEDH content for y’all.

Let’s start off this series with one of the most popular and powerful decks in the format: Breakfast Hulk.


This is the premier Flash Hulk list in the format, and is widely known for being the fastest deck in all of cEDH. In a format where most decks plan to execute a win con on turn 3-4, Flash Hulk goldfishes an average of 2.81, blowing past even other fast combo decks. How does it get there? Let’s take a look.

First and foremost, let’s look at what the deck plans to do. The goal of the deck is to place your entire deck into your graveyard as fast as possible. There are 2 main ways that the deck does that.

The first, and most mana efficient method is to use Flash to put Protean Hulk onto the battlefield. Flash then asks you to pay the 5GG casting cost reduced by 2, but instead, the deck chooses to sacrifice Hulk. This gives us the death trigger, and lets us put our entire combo into play. Important note, Protean Hulk is in the graveyard by the time anyone gets priority, so no one can Swords to Plowshares it before it dies. From there, we can grab the following cards:

Nomads en-Kor, Magic, StrongholdGrand Abolisher, Magic, Magic 2012 (M12)

Hapless Researcher, Magic, Judgment

We then target Cephalid Illusionist with Nomads en-Kor’s ability enough times to put our entire deck into our graveyard. At some point in this process, we mill Narcomoeba.

Narcomoeba, Magic, Modern Masters

This puts Narcomoeba directly into play, giving us a total of 5 creatures in play. Now sacrifice Cephalid Illusionist, Nomads en-Kor, and Narcomoeba to flashback Dread Return.

Dread Return, Magic, Time Spiral

This lets us put a Laboratory Maniac into play from our graveyard, whereupon we can sacrifice Hapless Researcher to win the game.

This is the main plan for the combo. However, as any EDH player knows, opening hands aren’t always as consistent as we’d like, so the deck brings a few backups. In our case, this comes in the form of a long time cEDH staple: Hermit Druid.

Hermit Druid, Magic, Stronghold

Since Breakfast Hulk lists run no basics, a single Hermit Druid activation mills our entire deck. From there, we can immediately put Narcomoeba directly into play. That gives us our second creature for Dread Return. For the third, we turn to a card from back in Alara block: Fatestitcher.

Fatestitcher, Magic, Shards of Alara

For one Blue mana, we can return Fatestitcher to the battlefield, which gives us a third creature to sac to Dread Return. From here, the goal used to be to return Angel of Glory’s Rise to the battlefield to return Lab Maniac and Hapless Researcher to the battlefield and win the game.

Angel of Glory's Rise, Magic, Avacyn Restored

However, since Dominaria, we have a better option. Enter, stage left:

Muldrotha, the Gravetide, Magic, Dominaria

Muldrotha lets us cast one permanent of each type from our graveyard each turn. From there, we cast Lion’s Eye Diamond, crack it for Blue, and use 2 of that to cast Phantasmal Image.

Lion's Eye Diamond, Magic, MiragePhantasmal Image, Magic, Modern Masters 2017

Phantasmal Image enters as a copy of Muldrotha, and we let the original die to the legend rule, and importantly, we send it to the graveyard. Using the second copy of Muldrotha, we can recast Lion’s Eye Diamond, cracking it for three Black. With this Black Mana, we cast Necromancy, targeting Muldrotha.

Necromancy, Magic, Visions

Those paying careful (or probably not so careful) attention will note that at this point we have demonstrated an infinite loop, letting us generate as much mana as we want. Once we do that, the main way to win is to cast Laboratory Maniac, and then cast one of our usual commanders (generally Thrasios-Tymna), Thrasios, Triton Hero.

Thrasios, Triton Hero, Magic, Commander 2016

Thrasios represents an infinite mana sink, which lets us win with Lab Maniac. The other way to win are Timetwister loops, which I’ll talk about later in the post. The final win con is Angel’s Grace+Ad Nauseam, which puts our entire library into our hand.

Angel's Grace, Magic, Time SpiralAd Nauseam, Magic, Shards of Alara

From there, we have 3 ways to win. We can cast Laboratory Maniac and Hapless Researcher, we can cast Muldrotha to use Timetwister loops, or we can mill everyone out with Windfall.

Windfall, Magic, Iconic Masters

From there, we cast Brainstorm, which puts Noxious Revival and any other cantrip on top of our deck.

Brainstorm, Magic, Masters 25Noxious Revival, Magic, New Phyrexia

Cast Windfall. With our entire deck in hand, this should mill most players out, but if it doesn’t, we can use Noxious Revival and the cantrip to let us recast Windfall, which will definitely mill out anyone else.

This brings us to the final win con: Timetwister loops.

Timetwister, Magic, Unlimited Edition

This is a win con for both the Hermit Druid and Ad Nauseam-Angel’s Grace routes. By looping Timetwister and Noxious Revival, combined with the infinite draw we have from Thrasios and infinite mana, we can cast any spell in our deck as many times as we want. In this case, we use removal spells to remove all of our opponents’ permanents but lands.  After that, we cast any instant, sorcery, or enchantment in our deck and counter it with Swan Song. Looping this as many times as we want, we wind up with enough Swans to kill everyone else next turn. From there, and given the fact that we can fill our hand with cheap or free counterspells with the same Timetwister-Noxious revival loops, we can let everyone else take their turns, then swing and win on our turn.

This plan is supported with the usual fast mana, counterspells, a lot of tutors, and importantly, both Grand Abolisher, and Silence.

Silence, Magic, Magic 2014 (M14)

Many of our combos are extremely fragile, and mean we’ll have no cards in hand for long periods of time. As such, we use those two to ensure that people can’t interrupt our combo while we’re trying to go off.

Things to watch out for:

Graveyard hate, Graveyard hate, Graveyard hate.

For the Hulk combo to work, Protean Hulk has to die, and we need to be able to Dread Return things from our graveyard. Hermit Druid combos also rely on Dread Return or Muldrotha, and even with Ad Nauseam+Angel’s Grace, we need to be able to Noxious Revival our Windfall.

This means that something like a Rest in Peace or Grafdigger’s Cage hoses us over completely.

Rest in Peace, Magic, Return to RavnicaGrafdigger's Cage, Magic, Dark Ascension

We also run afoul of something that’s become far more popular in cEDH since the rise of Breakfast Hulk: Faerie Macabre.

Faerie Macabre, Magic, Shadowmoor

A properly used Faerie Macabre will force us to Memory’s Journey a win con back into our library, and will generally result in us losing before our next turn.

That’s all for Breakfast Hulk, I hope you enjoyed. Here’s the decklist (with a primer: http://tappedout.net/mtg-decks/breakfast-hulk/) and I’ll be back soon with more cEDH content!